Friday, 13 February 2009

Love Is...

Supplies Needed:
Image of choice, Im using the awesome artwork of Elias Chatzoudis, which you can purchase here
Masks Used are Valentine3 By Gabee here and Mask022 by Becky, I no longer have a link for Becky's site, so you can download it here
(If anyone knows where Becky's site is please let me know so I can credit her accordingly)
Scrapkit PTU - Love Actually By Lynn of Poundstore Scraps here
Wordart #11 By Me you can download here

Plugins Used:
Eye Candy 4000 - Bevel Boss
Lokas Software - 3D Shadow - Optional
(Dropshadow can be used instead)
VM Extravaganza - Transmission

Ok Lets Go.

Open a new image 600x600 pixels white, Open paper of choice, I used paper 5, Image-Resize 600x600 pixels, edit-copy, paste as a new layer, Layers Load/Save Mask - Load Mask From Disk, GabeeValentineMask3, Right Click Black Mask layer in your layer palette, Merge-Merge Group. Using your selection tool, draw out a square inside the mask on the white edges, hit delete on your keyboard, Select None. Go to Effects-Plugins Eye Candy 4000 - Bevel Boss, with these settings.
Using your magic wand, Select inside the mask, Selections-Modify-Expand by 3, Open paper of choice, I used paper7, Image-Resize 500x500 pixels, edit,copy, paste as a new layer, Selections-Invert, Hit delete, Selections-Select None. In your layer palette move this layer down below your mask layer.

Open your layered heart from the kit, Image-Resize-90%, edit copy, paste as a new layer, position inside the mask frame, add dropshadow of choice, I used 3-3-33-4 Black.

Open the swag2 edit-copy, paste as a new layer, position at the top of the mask, see mine above for placement, and add the same dropshadow.

Open image of choice and paste as a new layer, and position how you prefer, add dropshadow of choice or apply Lokas 3D Shadow my settings below.

Add any other elements of choice from the kit.

Add your wordart if using any.

Select your background layer, Layers-New Raster Layer, Floodfill with a colour of choice, I used #E64E5B, Layers-Load/Save Mask-Load Mask From Disk, BeckyMask022, In your layer palette, right click black mask layer -Merge-Merge Group. Effects-Plugins-VM Extravaganza with these settings:-
Line Width 6
Offset 0
Contrast 40
Image-Free Rotate 90 degress right, all layers not ticked, then apply the VM Extravanganza -Transmission again same settings.

Add your name and copyright.

Save as .png or .jpg however you prefer.

I hope you found this tut easy to follow.
I would love to see your results.
Luv Jo.xx.

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