Monday, 2 February 2009

A Dream

Supplies Needed:
2 or 3 images of choice- I am using the fantastic artwork of Ismael Rac which you can purchase here
Scrapkit FTU Chic By Bel Vidotti here
Template #113 By Dezigns By Ali here
Mask#22 By Becky
Wordart#24 By Lisa's Creative Clutter Too... here
Font Used is PTU Mister Earl Bold

Eye Candy 3.1 - Inner Bevel
Xero -Porcelain (default setting)

Okay Lets Go.

Open your template and "Shift D" to duplicate, close original template. On duplicate template go to Image-Resize 600 pixels width, Lock aspect ratio ticked, Resize all layers ticked. Click Ok.
Delete the copyright layer. Layers-New raster layer, Selections-Select All, Floodfill white.
Selections-Select None. Layers-Arrange-Send to bottom.

Make shape 1 layer active, Selections-Select All, Selections-Float, Selections-Defloat, Open paper of choice I used paper 29, edit-copy, paste as a new layer onto tag template, Selections-Invert, hit delete, Select None. Delete the original shape 1 layer.

Make shape 1 copy 2 layer active, repeat the above process but this time I used paper 28, once again delete the original shape 1 copy 2 layer. Do the same for shape 1 copy layer, and I used the same paper as before paper 28. Delete shape 1 copy layer.

Make Raster 1 layer active, Selections-Select All, Selections-Float, Selections-Defloat, Selections-Modify-Expand by 2, Floodfill the selection black, Effects-Plugins - Eye Candy 3.1 - Inner bevel, Settings below, Select None, dropshadow I used 3-3-34-3 Black.
Repeat this step for the other frames, Raster 2 and 3.

Make your white background layer active, Image-Canvas Size, 600x600 pixels, placement:-top,centre. Selections-Select All, Floodfill white. Selections-Select None.
Make your top layer active, Open main image of choice, edit-copy and paste as a new layer, and position, I also applied Xero-Porcelain (default setting) add a dropshadow of choice, again I used 3-3-34-3 Black.

Select raster 4, Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen and dropshadow same settings.
Select shape2 layer, Layers-Arrange-Send to bottom, Layers-Arrange-Move up, Selections-Select All, Selections-Float, Selections-Defloat, Layers-New raster layer, floodfill black, Selections-Select None. Layers-Duplicate, Image-Mirror, dropshadow both layers. Delete the original shape 2 layer.

Repeat this process with copy of shape 2 layer, this time no need to duplicate, just position and dropshadow. Delete original copy of shape 2 layer.

Open paper 9, Image-Resize 600x600 pixels, edit-copy, make the white background layer active, paste as a new layer, Layers-Load/Save Mask - from disk. Becky-Mask022. Right click black mask layer in your layer palette - Merge-Merge Group.

If you wish you can add another image inside the frames, I did this by making the frame backgrounds active and Selections-Select All, Selections-Float, Selections-Defloat, paste as a new layer, position the tube so that the parts you wish are inside the frame, Selections-Invert, hit delete, Select None.

Make your top layer active and paste your wordart as a new layer, I used wordart#24 by Lisa of Lisa's Creative Clutter Too... and I resized by 80% and applied a dropshadow.

Add any other elements from the kit as you wish.

Add your name and copyright.

Save as .png or .jpg however you prefer,

I hope you found this tut easy to folow,
Any problems please let me know.
I would love to see your results.
Luv Jo.xx.

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