Friday, 13 March 2009

Lucky Charm

Supplies Needed:
Image of choice, Im using the fabulous artwork of Ismael Rac, which you can purchase from here
Mask-DMSK0612 By Diana Todd here
Scrapkit - FTU - Lucky Charm By Amy @ Capricious Scraps here
Clover Decor6 Element By Devine Dzines here

Ok Lets Go.

Open a new image 600x600 pixels white, Open frame 2 from the kit, edit-copy, paste as a new layer, Using your magic wand, select inside the frame, Selections-Modify-Expand by 5, Open paper of choice, I used paper 5, Image-Resize 500x500 pixels, edit-copy, paste as a new layer, Selections-Invert, hit delete, Select None. Move this layer below your frame in the layer palette.

Select your white background layer, Open paper of choice, I used paper 3, Image-Resize, 600x600 pixels, edit-copy, paste as a new layer, Layers Load/Save Mask- Load Mask From Disk- dmsk0612, Layers-Merge-Merge Group, I also reduced the opacity of this layer to 61 in the layer palette.

Open image of choice, edit-copy, paste as a new layer, position how you prefer, I also resized mine by 85%, delete any parts overhanging the frame, to make this easier, I duplicated the image and moved one layer above the frame and one below, on the layer above the frame delete any overhang. Add a dropshadow of choice to the layer below the frame. I used 4-4-43-9.90 Black.

Add a slight dropshadow to your frame, I used 3-3-34-3 Black.

Add any other elements of choice.

I also added the Clover Decor6 element from DevineDzines, I deleted the ring holder from the top, edit-copy, paste as a new layer, Image-Resize 65%, Layers-Duplicate, Layers-Merge-Merge Down, Layers-Duplicate, and positioned the duplicate on the other side. I also added a dropshadow of 3-3-34-3 Black.

Add your name and copyright.

Save as .png or .jpg however you prefer.

I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow,
I would love to see your results.
Luv Jo.xx.

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