Friday, 6 March 2009

OMG Big Shock

This is my cat "Tiddles" which was named by my daughter who is now 3 yrs old.

Last night she snuggled up to me while watching T.V. OMG she is pregnant, she never goes out, well hardly ever, so we are looking at a few more cats in the house soon for quite a few weeks.

We had mice a year or so ago before I got my cat, I guess I won't be having that problem anytime soon lol.

As you can see my cat has her own armchair, duvet the works, she is spoiled rotten and she knows it lol.

Anyone with any good tips regarding cat pregnancies I am listening.

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  1. Hi Jo well I feel I can give advice since we have many rescues and we now have from great grankitties on down. LOL I can see your cat is beautiful and she looks nice and spoiled. I love to see that too. Cats deliver in 3 months time so when her sides start to get wide she will soon be ready. Make her a nice spot like a box or place in the bottom of your closet. We used a box placed in the closet away from the other cats. Also for the first time she may need a hand with the first one that comes out. They will have a sac around them and dont' be surprised if she eats the sac it is all protein and they will lick the kitty until it's clean. make sure it is breathing. We had to help by breaking the sac from the first kitten since the mom didn't do it. Just break the placenta open with your fingers if she doesn't. The cat doesn't need to eat the placenta if she is well fed. You can place it in a bag and dispose of the sac.
    Keep a pair of childlike round tip scissors if she can't break the placenta. Also make sure to baby the mama kitty by bringing her food and water after since the kittens will be attached to her most of the time. She also needs to be fed a lot afterwards. I wish you lots of luck and will check back. Feel free to email me anytime. (I have 30 rescues so I think I can give advice) lol
    Jeanne :)